Fundraising at Humpty

Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, Humpty Dumpty will no longer be hosting express fundraising projects.  All funds needed for the school to function are covered by tuition and additional fundraising is no longer required.  However, there are still a few (easy!) programs in place at our school where you as parents can help the school.


Humpty’s Helping Hands
helpinghandsIf you are looking for a way to help out your kiddos’ school…look no further…we have developed Humpty’s Helping Hands. Every month, we will post, in the newsletter and outside the classroom, a list of items that would greatly benefit the school. Some items may seem a little strange, but wanted for an object lesson…i.e. a large tub to do our version of “Will it float?” or a book to borrow for one of the centers, like one on the Solar System. Be on the lookout for how you can be a Helping Hand!


Scholastic Books
Order books online from Scholastic and earn more for our school! For every order placed online, Humpty Dumpty gets a FREE book for the classroom!  Click the link below or sign into your account at and enter our school’s code (H2XM2) to connect to our class.  Submit your order and pay online and the books will come home in your kiddo’s backpack.  You can also submit your order and check via the flyers to your child’s teacher.


Campbells Labels for Education
Collect labels from Campbells products and send them to school in your child’s communication folder!  More labels = more goodies for our school



Ink Cartridge Recycling
Bring your old printer ink cartridges to school for recycling and let Humpty benefit!  Any brand of cartridge can be used.  Drop them off at the school in the bin by the door, or send them in your child’s backpack (in a sealed ziploc, please).


Extended Day Fundraisers
Let your kiddo have some extended fun with their friends and help our school at the same time!  Beginning Monday, Sept 30 we will offer extended days everyday (Monday through Friday) on a trial basis. Extended day is a time for our kids to have the opportunity to eat lunch with their teachers and/or other parent helpers. A fee of $5 is due at time of drop off if you want your child to stay for Extended Day. If you forget a lunch or would prefer not to make a lunch, one can be provided by Humpty Dumpty for an additional $5. It is important to note that if payment is not made that day, an additional $5 late fee will be assessed.  Kids love to bring a lunch to school and parents love the extra hour! Come join us!