Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities

The cooperative is parent-owned and operated. Its success depends on true cooperation among participating parents. This puts a responsibility on all of us, and each family must do its share. These responsibilities include:

  • Attend Orientation
  • Serve in a board position or as a parent volunteer
  • Volunteer to drive on field trips (optional)
  • Self discipline and self regulated honesty if incurring any if the “other fees”
  • Submit a copy of an up-to-date insurance card on the vehicle noted in your enrollment paperwork. The names of people with insurance cards that are about to expire will be listed in the monthly newsletter as a reminder.
  • Adhere to the parent contract
  • Parents are required to file current immunization records with the school. In the event of a serious accident or injury, an emergency phone number must be available at the school. All of this information should be included on your child’s registration form and is kept on file at the school. It is the parents’ responsibility to notify the teacher if ANY changes need to be made to these forms during the year.


Parent Expectations/Rules

  • Show kindness, patience, and concern for each child at all times
  • Respect a child’s feelings
  • Never laugh at a child, only with them
  • Never leave a child alone/left unattended indoors/outdoors
  • Never talk about a child in front of him/her, other children, or parents. If you have observed something that you feel the teachers should know about, find an opportunity to tell them privately.
  • Limit visiting with parents before and after school, as our first priority during class hours is the children
  • Report ALL accidents to a teacher
  • Please be aware of people not associated with the school that are on the premises. Don’t be embarrassed to ask who they are and what they are doing
  • Help ensure that all children are being considerate of others
  • Substitute an acceptable activity for an undesirable one
  • Never assume a child’s act is a deliberate act of wrongdoing. Do not make them feel guilty for his/her behavior. Remember that children need adults with whom they can comfortably make mistakes. A child needs love when he /she is least loveable.

If you need help with a particular discipline issue, please feel comfortable to ask a teacher for help. It is assumed by the teachers that you feel comfortable with the situation if you don’t seek their help.