Enrollment & Fees

Enrollment Level Options

Humpty Dumpty is a parent co-op, which means parents are expected to assist in the classroom.  The standard enrollment option is the Parent Help level, where parents help once a month in the classroom.  For families that are not available to parent help but still want to be a part of the Humpty experience, we have a limited number of Buy Out positions available in each class: parents pay a higher monthly tuition in lieu of parent helping.  These parents are still required to adhere to all of the other parent responsibilities (school supplies list, driving for field trips, etc.)  These positions are given out on a first-come first-serve basis.  We also offer an Expanded Parent Help option for families who are able to offer more of their time but need to pay a lower tuition cost.  These positions are also limited, but parents choosing this option will help 2 days/month and pay lower monthly fees.  For more information, contact the school.

Note to Parents (a must read):

We strive to meet family’s needs by offering three choices of parent help options. The following are a few testimonies from families in each category:

Saving money is definitely a plus for the Expanded Parent Help option.  As a mother of a 5 year-old boy, whose answers to the question “What did you do in school today?” is ALWAYS “I don’t know,”  I love the days that I get to help so we can talk about what happened at preschool that day.  Parent helping has also allowed me to become a better teacher to my child.  Being in the classroom so often has helped me pick up on some of the techniques the teachers use, and expanded my ‘preschool’ problem solving skills.

– Shawna S.

the PARENT HELP option
I like the Parent Help option since it allows me to be a part of the classroom activities plus I still have days away from school.  I love being able to be with my 5 year-old at Humpty a few days a semester, and getting to see not only how he is doing in a classroom and social setting, but also being a part of the learning process of all the preschoolers.  Plus we have a 3 year old who is not in Humpty Dumpty yet, so this option allowed me to be with him more than if I had done the expanded parent help option.

– Becca K.

the BUY OUT option
The Buy Out option affords me the ability to stay at home with my other two children and not have to pay a sitter to watch them on my parent help days.  In this season of my life, this is a great fit for us.   I really enjoyed parent helping when my oldest went to Humpty last year.  However, now having two kids at home, it would not be cost effective to hire a sitter on my parent help days.  In the future, when my oldest is in kindergarten and my second child is in preschool, I plan to reevaluate and parent help again.  At this stage the Buy Out option is a great fit for us.

– Cari S.

Tuition & Registration

A non-refundable $50 registration fee is required at the time of enrollment by the parent to hold the child’s place at Humpty Dumpty.  In addition, a one-time supplies fee is collected each year (in lieu of a school supplies list).

Tuition is paid September through May.  The monthly tuition is based on the number of days school is in session September through May.  It is then calculated so that each month’s tuition is the same dollar amount.  Therefore when there are fewer (or more) days in a month than normal, tuition remains the same.

Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Late fees will incur after the 5th day of the month.

Families that pay in advance (semester or yearly) will receive a prorated discount for prepayment.   This can be collected in the form of cash, check or money order.  The first semester (September – December) tuition is due by August 1st.  The second semester (January – May) tuition is due by December 1st.

If your family incurs an unexpected financial strain and tuition cannot be made by the late fee deadline, please discuss your individual situation with the President A.S.A.P

2021-2022 School Year Fees (per month)

MWF Option

$100 Supplies Fee

Expanded Parent Help – $243.00

Parent Help – $283.00

Buy-Out – $323.00

TTH Option

$75 Supplies Fee

Expanded Parent Help – $168.00

Parent Help – $208.00

Buy-Out – $248.00

M-F Option

$175 Supplies Fee

Expanded Parent Help – $411.00

Parent Help – $491.00

Buy-Out – $571.00

1 Day Option

$37.50 Supplies Fee

Buyout Daily Rate – $30 Per Day

4 Day Option

$137.50 Supplies Fee

Expanded Parent Help – $327.00

Parent Help – $387.00

Buy-Out – $447.00

ALL Options

$50 Annual Enrollment Deposit

$15 Field Trip T-Shirt Fee



To ensure fairness for everyone at Humpty Dumpty, we will need to enforce additional fees.  All fees are to be paid by the next class period, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Treasurer.

          $10.00 – dropping child off unattended before the start of school 
          $10.00 – picking child up after the designated late time
          $10.00 – for each 15-minute increment after the designated late time
          $10.00-50.00 – for parent helpers arriving late on their scheduled work day

Designated drop off time:     9:00-9:15
Designated pick up time:      12:30-12:45   (12:46 is considered late)
Parent Helper arrival time:    8:45   (8:46 is considered late)


End of the Semester Statements

Humpty’s finance team will provide each family with an end-of-the-semester statement showing all of the fees the family has paid to date.  Please check with your accountant to find out if your tuition is tax deductible.  Please note that late fees and no-show fees are not included on this statement.

Enrollment Forms

We’re so thrilled you’ve decided to join our Humpy family! Here are the forms you will need to complete to finalize your child’s enrollment in our program.

Turn in at school orientation (fall):

Copy of auto insurance card, front and back

Acknowledgement of MO Dept of Health Rules & Regulations

Annual classroom supplies fee

Field Trip t-shirt fee

Ask Us About Enrollment